Table of Contents


Section 1:  Overview

Section 2:  Instructions for Response

Section 3:  (Company Name) Requirements

Section 3a:  Requirements for Services

Section 4:  Pricing for Services

Section 5:  Contract Terms & Conditions

Section 6:  Financial Data

Section 7:  Questions

Section 8:  Carrier Authority Statement

Section 9:  Source Selection

Section 1:  Overview


1.      Procurement Policy:


It is (Company Name’s) policy to reduce current and future business costs whenever possible.  Due to (Company Name’s) internal policies and other operational considerations, the most economically attractive proposal may not be the most suitable for (Company Name’s) needs.  The cost benefits must be economically justifiable after the objectives for Services have been met.  Individual Carriers’ overall operations will be considered in determining which Response is the most appropriate for (Company Name’s) needs.


(Company Names) reserves the right to reject any or all responses or portions thereof.  (Company Name) makes no guarantee of any minimum or maximum amount of Services to be procured.


2.      Liability:


(Company Name) shall incur no obligation or liability whatsoever to anyone by issuance of the Request or action by any party relative hereto.


3.      Notification of Intent:


On or before (date) each Carrier receiving this Request must notify (Company Name Contact), in writing or by facsimile, of its intention to submit a Response.


4.      Request for Response:


Sufficient information must be provided to allow a thorough evaluation of the Carrier’s position.  Carrier must furnish all information in the format and order requested, and complete all forms according to the instructions contained in each section.  Any deviations or exceptions to (Company Name’s) requirements must be noted.  Incomplete proposals that do not comply with (Company Name’s) requirements may be disqualified.


5.      Term of Validity:


All Responses must be valid for a minimum of 180 days from the closing date of (response date).  All responses must be in Company Name’s possession by closing date.


6.      Price Quotes:


A detailed price list on all Services required must be provided in the format set forth in Section 4.  If Carrier wishes to propose an alternative pricing format, in addition to the formal given, it should be identified by the Carrier with reasons stated.  Carrier must still present a quotation in (Company Names’) pricing format in order for any alternative pricing format to be considered.


7.      Condition/Assumptions:


Carrier is required to clearly explain any assumptions or conditions it imposes on or includes in its Responses to the Request.


8.      Questions/Clarification:


Each Carrier is under an obligation to ask questions and/or clarify any issues that the Carrier does not fully understand or believes may be interpreted in more than one way.  All such questions must be submitted in writing no later than (question due date).


(Company Name) will make every attempt to answer all questions from Carriers; however, (Company Name) is not required to do so.  To assure consistent interpretation of the Request, all questions and answers will be made available in writing to all Carriers no later than (answer date).


9.      Non-Conforming Responses:


Responses must be orderly and complete in all respects.  Responses with deviations in format may be disqualified.  Responses must be signed by a duly authorized representative of Carrier.  Incomplete, conditional, non-responsive or non-complying responses may be rejected by (Company Name).


10.  Unsuccessful Responses:


(Company Name) will use its best efforts to notify each Carrier in writing prior to (date) whether it is the Award Recipient.  (Company Name) has no obligation to make the detailed results of Response evaluations, the reason a Carrier was not successful, or the name of the Award Recipient.  At its discretion, (Company Name) may conduct debriefings for those Carriers whose responses were unsuccessful.


11.  Disposition of Responses:


Response openings will be conducted privately.  All materials submitted in response to this Request will become (Company Name) property and shall be retained by (Company Name).


12.  Carrier Qualifications:


During the time (Company Name) is evaluating Responses, Carrier should be prepared to demonstrate that it can meet all the proposed requirements detailed herein.  (Company Name) or its representative shall have the right to conduct a facility visit to verify Carrier’s ability to meet the requirements of the procurement.


13.  Carrier’s Cost:


Any costs incurred by the Carrier in responding to this Request or in support of activities associated with the Response to this Request, are to be borne by the Carrier and are not reimbursable by (Company Name).


14.  Contractual Commitment:


Should Carrier be the Award Recipient, the contents of its Response (including any material submitted in response to requests for additional information) may be incorporated by reference or integrated as obligations in the formal contract between Carrier and (Company Name).  Any formal contract entered into between (Company Name) and Carrier will be in accordance with Section 5.  Terms including detailed provisions on price, delivery, warranties, specifications, testing, training, maintenance and support will be agreed to between (Company Name) and Carrier prior to execution of a formal contract.


15.  Code of Conduct:


It is the objective of (Company Name) to obtain the best services possible by giving fair and impartial consideration to all Carriers invited to submit a Response.  Every potential Carrier will be qualified on fair and equal basis.  Carriers will be given the same information and treated equally with respect to the selection process.  The granting of any advantage to one while excluding others is not permitted.


16.  (Company Name) Contact:


Any questions, clarification or other communications concerning this Request must be directed to:


Name of Logistics Manager      Title

(Company Name)

Company Address

Telephone     Facsimile


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Section 2:  Instructions for Response


1.      Response Requirements:


The following conditions apply to the manner in which Carrier’s response is to be made and must be strictly adhered to.  It is (Company Name’s) policy to evaluate all responses fairly without prejudice to any one Carrier.


a.       Five Responses must be submitted with one Response clearly marked MASTER.  If discrepancies between the five copies are found, the Master will be considered as the only response document.  Response packages must be mailed or delivered to


(Company Name)

Street Address

City, State, Zip


b.      Responses must be received no later than (response due date).  Responses received after this time will not be considered.  Extensions to the due date will not be granted and responses may not be modified after submission.


2.      Supplemental Information:


Carrier may provide any supplemental correspondence or information in the format of Carrier’s choice.  (Company Name) welcomes general business and services information from Carrier as a complement to the Carrier Response.


3.      Response Format:


The Carrier’s Response should consist of the following sections:


            Part 1 – Carrier’s ability to meet (Company Name) requirements

            Part 2 – Pricing

            Part 3 – Carrier’s Comments to (Company Name’s) Terms and Conditions

            Part 4 – Carrier’s Financial Data (and Business References)

            Part 5 – Responses to (Company Name’s) Questions

            Part 6 – Carrier Authority Statement


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Section 3:  (Company Name) Requirements


1.      Specifications:


Section 3A contains (Company Name’s) minimum requirements and/or specifications.  These requirements should be carefully reviewed to ensure that Supplier fully understands the requirements for the Services described.  Clarifying questions should be directed to the (Company Name) Contact as described in Section 1.


2.      Response Conventions:


In responding to the requirements, the following conventions must be used:


a.       Complies – Carrier’s product or service completely satisfies the stated condition or need.


b.      Partially Complies – Carrier’s product or service only partially satisfies the stated condition or need.


c.       Does Not Comply – Carrier’ product does not satisfy any part of the stated condition or Carrier does not or cannot provide the services needed.


d.      Noted – where a clause only provides general information


e.       Alternative Proposed – Carrier’s product can be modified to meet the stated condition or Carrier can provide an alternative to the services needed.  When the Carrier’s election is Alternative Proposed, Carrier must provide details for the proposed alternative including:


(1)    estimated costs for such modification or service alternative;

(2)    time required to perform the alternative proposal;

(3)    limitations, drawbacks, shortcomings or collateral issues to the alternative proposal; and

(4)    any other considerations that are essential to support (Company Name’s) consideration of the proposed alternative.


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Section 3A:  Requirements for Services


1.      Certification:


Carrier must be qualified, by previous experience, to provide the services required.  As evidence of such qualification, Carrier should submit a brief history of the extent of experience Carrier has had in providing such services.  (Company Name) reserves the right to request resumes of key personnel who would be providing such services to (Company Name) or business references of former clients who have knowledge of Carrier’s expertise.  Any services provided to Company name by Carrier, under contract resulting from this Request, which are found to be substandard or beyond Carrier’s ability to perform, shall constitute sufficient cause for termination of the contract.


2.      Service Definition:


A.     Include a detailed description of the service required of the Carrier.  An example can be as follows:


Carrier shall provide freight forwarding services to (Company Name).  (Company Name) facilities located in the Denver Tech Center and Lakewood shall be considered one stop with no extra stop fee charged.  Product shall be picked-up daily from (Company Name) facilities no earlier than 2:30 pm at the Denver Tech Center and 4:00 pm in Lakewood.  Product picked up from the Colorado facilities shall be sorted by Carrier based upon country destination and packed in an Overpack container.  Carrier shall verify box count with the Commercial Invoice and notify (Company Name) when a discrepancy exist.  (Company name) will provide Overpack containers to Carrier.  Carrier shall pack Overpack container in accordance with sound commercial practices to obtain the lowest transportation rates, comply with requirements of common carriers, and insure arrival at the intended destination without damage.  Carrier shall mark each container with necessary lifting, loading and shipping information.  Carrier shall prepare the Airway Bill and SED.  Carrier shall ensure timely and quality pick-up and delivery of freight.  Carrier is wholly responsible for all aspects associated with providing this service.  (Company Name) will not furnish any equipment, tool, supplies, nor personnel; unless specifically stated otherwise hereinafter.


B.     Carrier shall process 90% of all claims filed by Customer within 45 days of Customer filing date.  The remaining 10% shall be processed within 60 days.


C.     Carrier shall ensure a claims ratio of less than 1% compared to the total revenue provided to Customer.


D.     Carrier shall provide proof-of-delivery information to Customer as requested at no additional cost.


E.      Carrier shall provide reports such as the following to Customer in content, time frames, media, quantities as acceptable to Customer:


·        In-Transit Shipment Tracking Report                       Upon request

·        Import Customs Report                                          Monthly

·        Transit Interval Report                                            Monthly

On-Time Performance Report

Number of Shipments Report

·        Claims Ratio Report/Loss Ration Report                 Monthly



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Section 4:  Pricing for Services


Carrier may quote on any and all lanes provided on the pricing matrix.  In addition, Carrier must provide transit time demonstrated in hours for each lane, door-to-door.  Prices proposed must be valid for a minimum of 180 from (date of closing date).

The following is an example of a pricing matrix:



Monthly Volume International Air
















Current Avg Monthly Volume (Kilos)

Current Avg Monthly Shipment Count

Transit Hours

Broker Clearance


*Flat Rate per Kilo

















































*All rates door-to-door, excepting import/duties/taxes only.







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Section 5:  Contract Terms and Conditions


1.      New Contract:


Section 5 contains the terms and conditions that will be required by (Company Name) should Carrier be the Award Recipient.  The agreement contained in this Section is (Company Name’s) standard Service Agreement.  Carrier is requested to review the agreement and express any concerns it has regarding the terms of the agreement using the following conventions:


a.       Agreed – where the term is acceptable as stated.

b.      Modification Proposed – where Carrier is unable to accept the term as stated but will accept a modification of the term.  Carrier must provide:  (1)  the reason for its inability to accept the term as stated, and (2) modified language which would be acceptable.

c.       Not Agreed – where the term is completely unacceptable to Carrier and no modification is possible.  Carrier must state the reason such term is unacceptable.


(Company Name) reserves the right to negotiate changes to any language proposed by Carrier.


2.      Existing Agreement:


In the event that Carrier is the Award Recipient and a Service Agreement already exists between (Company Name) and Carrier, the existing agreement will be modified to include:  (1) any additional terms and conditions necessary, and (2) the Service described in this Request.


(Attach the Contract Terms & Conditions under Section 5 of the RFQ.  See sample of Contract)

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Section 6:  Financial Data


1.      Carrier Requirement:


Providing current financial statement is a condition of continued involvement in this procurement process.  Carrier, and any subcontractors (excluding transportation carriers) who would be directly involved in providing the Services to (Company Name) as a result of this Request, must submit the following:


a.       a current, audited income statement and balance sheet (with any appropriate notes).  Both documents should cover the same reporting period of up to two years but not less than six months.

b.      An audited income statement and balance sheet (with any appropriate notes) for the Carrier’s last fiscal year.


2.      Business References:


If Carrier has not previously provided Service to (Company Name), please list three business references.  Be advised that (Company Name) will call at least one and probably all of the references given; therefore, if it is necessary for Carrier to secure permission from its references to use their names, please do so before submitting your response.  Carrier’s business reference listings should include the following information:


a.       Name, address, phone number of reference;

b.      Name and phone number of a contact within the reference company who will speak on Carrier’s behalf;

c.       Services provided to the reference;

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Section 7:  Questions


(The following are suggested questions to include in the RFQ).


In responding to this Section, Carrier should reply to each question and incorporate them into its Response.  If Carrier chooses to answer the questions in its own format, please reproduce the questions in Carrier’s document and follow the questions with the appropriate answers.


1.      Please describe how you will structure your organization to support transition and implementation on-going business of the (Company Name) regions.


2.      Briefly describe your capabilities for the following service, identify whether they are location specific or global and define the meaning of the service as it pertains to your operation.


  1. Back to back air freight services.
  2. 2 Day air freight service.
  3. 4 Day air freight consolidation service.
  4. Administrative Services


3.       Indicate the methods of communication between offices and agents, i.e., systems, e-mail, faxes, inter-net, etc.

4.      Provide an overview of the business processes for timely tracking:  provide on-board confirmations; post changes in routing or flight details; reporting of bumped freight.

5.      (Company Name) requires a single tracking system that can be accessed by a 3rd Party Logistics provider at all of its locations.  Please explain how you can provide this.

6.      (Company Name) has specific requirements for pre-alters that may vary according to ship to locations.  These include, but may not be limited to the following:

a.       pre-alerts for air and ocean shipments must be made 1 day prior.

b.      information sent must include invoice number, b/l or awb, freight charges and commercial invoice number of shipper.

c.       Immediate notification of any changes.


Please describe the methods utilized to provide pre-alert information to shippers and consignees.


7.      Are you certified to handle hazardous materials?

8.      If you are certified to handle hazardous material, are you willing to manage the labeling, packaging and sign off on the dangerous goods certification?

9.      List any customized services your company may provide in support of a major national account.

10.  Please provide any additional information you feel is pertinent to this proposal.

11.  Are you capable of transmitting ANSI edi transaction sets?

12.  Are you capable of transmitting customer defined data fields with delimiters?

13.  What relational database are you using to maintain shipment tracking, purchase orders, inventory control and distribution functions?

14.  Are you inter-net capable?

15.  Are you capable of electronic freight invoicing?

16.  Can customers track shipments via the inter-net?

17.  Can customers query shipment tracking via purchase order number, part number and/or supplier name, origin and destination?

18.  Are you an integrator or freight forwarder?

19.  Please indicate your freight forwarding services (i.e, hand carry, overnight, etc).

20.  Are your freight invoices generated manually or by computer?

21.  Do you have a centralized billing function?

22.  Indicate your ability to provide supporting documentation for services provided in support of auditing and payment of invoices.

23.  Is you process capable of generating electronic invoices?

24.  Are you willing to send freight invoices to a 3rd Party Freight Payment provider?

25.  Please indicate your policy for resolving claims, note whether they are regionally or locally resolved?

26.  Indicate the time guidelines allowed for filing claims for concealed damage.

27.  Please describe training programs and indicate if these programs are available to (Company Name) employees.



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Section 8:  Carrier Authority Statement


The signatory party representing respondent certifies that he/she is authorized to act as agent for:  who is tendering this Response.


The prices stated in Carrier’s Response were determined independently without consultation, communication or agreement with any non-authorized (Company Name) representative, any other respondent, or with any competitor, or for the purpose of restricting competition.


Company: _______________________________





                (please print or type)






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Section 9:  Source Selection


Carrier’s Response will be evaluated in accordance with the ability of Carrier to meet the functional and performance requirements of (Company Name).  The criteria to be used in evaluation of Carrier’s Response are shown below in order of priority.


1.      Ability of Carrier to meet (Company Name’s) requirements.


2.      Performance History of Carrier, on-time performance and claims ratio.


3.      Price


4.      Carrier’s financial stability


5.      Response to (Company Name) standard contract terms.