Establish a baseline cost: Time Table
1)  Establish point of contact at each shipping location. 1 weeks
2)  Gather initial information from site point of contact.  This should include major traffic lanes (origin and destination), carriers used, point of contact at carrier, and established rates. 2 weeks
3)  Collect traffic reports from carriers. 2-3 weeks
4)  Collect freight bills. 2 weeks
5)  Determine mode used and service level, i.e., international air heavy weight, full truck load, LTL, small package - domestic ground/air, overnight, 2 day, 3 day, international. 2 weeks
6)  Per mode used, determine lane, avg weight per month per lane shipped, cost per lb/kilo per lane, brokerage fee per shipment, transit time per lane. 2 weeks
Total time to establish a baseline cost 3 months
RFQ per mode:
1)  Once base line is established, determine the carriers that should be included in the RFQ.  Get shipping site recommendations. 1 week
2)  Type and send out RFQ  1 week
3)  RFQ returned from carriers. 2 weeks
4)  Responses reviewed.  Gather any missing information from carrier. 1 week
Total time to send out RFQ and RFQ returned 1 month
Carrier Selection:
1)  Top carriers selected to make a presentation to logistics panel (panel should include traffic manager representatives from all shipping locations). 1 week
2)  Carriers rated by logistic panel. 2 weeks
3)  Selection limited to top 2 or 3 carriers. 1 week
4)  Logistics panel schedule on-site visit to top carrier operations and final selection made. 1 week
5)  Contract signed.  
Total time for Carrier Selection 1 month
Implementation:   Carrier implements one lane every 2 weeks